A One Day Seminar on Transdisciplinary Clinical Research


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Last Update: 18 Dec 2008 - 1240hrs


Projects Proposed

  1. Intelligent Endoscopy or “I-SCOPE”: The Future of Endoscopy [pdf] [ppt]
  2. Adjustable and inflatable Airbag Cushion for Patient Positioning [pdf] [ppt]
  3. The synthesis of Porous Alumina Trough Sol-gel Combustion For Biomedical Application [pdf] [ppt]
  4. Organic Chemistry Synthesis and Natural Products [pdf] [ppt]
  5. Transcutaneous Doppler (Laser Doppler) Monitoring Device for Microvascular Circulation [pdf] [ppt]
  6. Vacuum Regulator Adapter Device for Wound Management System [pdf] [ppt]
  7. The Development of Digital Smart Hospital Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) [pdf] [ppt]
  8. Alumina Fibers in Orthopedics Implant [pdf] [ppt]
  9. Intra-Operative Fluid Warmer Device [pdf] [ppt]
  10. Separation of Chiral Molecules Using Capillary Electrophoresis [pdf] [ppt]
  11. Development of Nano-based Technology for Differential Temperature Detection of Early Malignant Lesion [pdf] [ppt]
  12. Identification of Possible Biological Stains for Differential Staining of Normal and Malignant Tumour Tissue [pdf] [ppt]
  13. Micro And Nano Fabrication for Clinical Research [pdf] [ppt]
  14. Dynamic Vibration Absorber for Suppression of Tremor of Hand in Parkinson Diseases [pdf] [ppt]
  15. Software to read and measure CT scans and/or MRI in 3D [pdf] [ppt]
  16. Gel Nasal Packing [pdf] [ppt]
  17. Handle Endoscopic Surgery Instrument [pdf] [ppt]
  18. Dynamic Abduction Splint for clubfoot treatment [pdf] [ppt]
  19. BSE -Web Screening Portal [pdf] [ppt]
  20. The Effects on The Body of Long Term Therapy Using Far Infra-Red  (FIR) Sauna Exposure [pdf] [ppt]
  21. The Effect of Mangrove Crab Soup on Improvement of Clinical Symptoms and Platelete Level in Dengue Patient-A Pilot Study [pdf] [ppt]
  22. Crown-of-thorns (COT) Biology and Measures of Sustaining Its Outbreak and Elucidation of Potential Therapeutic Potential Neutraceuticals [pdf] [ppt]
  23. Synthesis of CaSiO3 through mechanochemical process and in-vitro bioactivity studies [pdf] [ppt]
  24. External receptor (transducer) to convert myoelectric signals to instruments via Bluetooth signals [pdf] [ppt]
  25. Exoskeletal supported /actuator driven prosthesis for paralytic patients [pdf] [ppt]
  26. The Development and Usefulness of Rapid Epidemiological Notification System in Determining the Notifiable Infectious Diseases in HUSM (RENS) [pdf] [ppt]
  27. Investigation for various ECG acquisitions [pdf] [ppt]
  28. Surface Engineering of Titanium for Excellent Cell Material Interactions [pdf] [ppt]
  29. Alternative Breast Imaging System Featuring Electromagnetic Sensors [pdf] [ppt]
  30. Halo Vest - Local Made [pdf] [ppt]

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